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Requirements for water recreation facilities to make wave pools

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In recent years, people in China continue to pursue the quality of life, with the rapid development of leisure and entertainment industry, around the construction of a number of colorful water park. The main part of the park is the wave-making pool. The wave pool is one of the most necessary water park projects to fully experience the waves hitting your body. So what are the requirements of the water recreation facilities?
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Wave pool design:

In the water park equipment, it is one of the largest pool, but also the most popular project, the undulating layers of waves on the surface of the water brought visitors excited, so that visitors forget to return. In the design, the sector plane is the most suitable. Design wave form, wave height, wave type and wave length according to market demand.

Wave pool construction:

The width of the wave mouth of the artificial wave making pool is generally between 2.5-30m, and the number of wave making equipment is determined according to the area of the pool. The length of the wave pool should be greater than 30m to form a complete wave. The maximum number of visitors to the wave pool is 2.5 square meters per person. The deepest part of the wave pool should not be less than 1.8m.

Water treatment:

Must carry on the water disinfection treatment strictly in the pool inside, because the splashing people are more, and considers the sanitation condition. The general disinfection method has: liquid chlorine disinfection, sodium hypochlorite disinfection and chlorine dioxide disinfection.

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