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Two key points of water park design

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Summer as people entertainment consciousness gradually improve, people's desire to paddle is also growing, it has produced water park market of unprecedented prosperity, however good project need investors to spend more mind properly operating, especially in the planning of the water park, not only relates to whether the tourists have a desire for pleasure, more related to the subsequent secondary consumption can facilitate the tourists, so for the park's planning is important to pay attention to two points.
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Identify the theme:

Clear theme clues, theme water park, as the name implies, is based on the theme, around the theme to make. The overall planning and design of the theme water park is based on the big background of the story, or the related plots in the movie are used to describe, and the combination of the film plot and the amusement experience of the water park equipment is used to make the water park have a mysterious and strong attractive theme culture.

Scene layout:

The key point of scene design is to give tourists the experience of the plot. The plot is told in the landscape, so that every corner will have a story or part of the plot as far as possible, so as to provide tourists with vivid, interesting and real experience in the constant changes of scene design.

Water amusement park project is indispensable, the theme of the water park attractions should be more considering the experience respectively, to the water park scene design theme of the drama culture industry packing, set up in different parts of the plot clues, the theme of the image on the water slide, all aspects of transmitted infections each reach the paradise of tourists, made full use of the theme, plot and meet the needs of the entertainment.

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