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The difference between a water park equipment slide and a regular slide

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Water slides project is favored by people like, water slides device belongs to the aquatic amusement facilities in large water park equipment, here you can release the pressure of life, enjoying the happy time, both adults and children are very like it, so the water park equipment slide and what is the difference between ordinary slide?
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Water park slides usually use composite materials. So-called composite material, it is to point to glass fiber and a series of chemical raw materials such as resin compound and become new material. A single type of glass fiber, despite its high strength, is loose between the fibers, can only accept tension, can not accept twists, shear and compressive stress, and is not easy to make a fixed base shape, is a soft body. And if they are bonded together with synthetic resin, they can be made into all kinds of solid products with fixed properties, which can accept both tensile stress and tortuous, contraction and shear stress. This constitutes fiberglass reinforced composites.

Common water slide has two kinds of materials, one is plastic slide, the slide material is LLDPE engineering plastic, relatively light, only do low cost and poor weather resistance, and the other is stainless steel slide, this material is 304 stainless steel, the color is relatively simple, take a kind of paint, corrosion resistance is poor.

In the equipment of water parks, the water slides are usually made of fiberglass, which is required to meet the relevant national standards. The surface of the water slide should be smooth and crack-free with uniform color. The use of FRP should meet at least three requirements: resin should have good water resistance and aging resistance; Glass fiber should be alkali - free glass fiber, fiber surface should have good infiltration.
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