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Which is better, the inflatable slide or the fiberglass slide

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With the development of water entertainment projects, water parks are becoming more and more popular among investors and tourists. Water parks are often seen not only in first-tier cities, but also in third-tier and fourth-tier cities. The reason why the water park is so popular is that the amusement and excitement of the water park equipment attracts a large number of tourists to play, and therefore is favored by many investors. Water park slide is one of the most popular water park equipment, the manufacturer of water slides are made of two materials, one is inflatable slide, the other is fiberglass slide. So which is better for these two devices.
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1. The difference of material itself; Fiberglass slides are mainly made of resin, fiberglass cloth, gelatinized layer by layer and other chemical materials, which are expensive! Inflatable slide is made of cheap PVC cloth and ironed, the cost is cheap!

2. Difference in feel experience: The GFRP slides have bright colors and smooth flat surfaces. After being dipped in water, there is little resistance between the slides and the sliding speed is unobstructed. Due to its own material PVC surface is rough, sliding contact surface resistance, poor touch!

3. Differences in appearance. Fiberglass slides give people a sense of grade is significantly higher than inflatable slides, especially after a period of use to repair more ugly feeling change.

4. Difference in service life. Fiberglass slides are generally more than 10 years old and can be longer if properly maintained. Due to the repeated friction of the body and the ground, the inflatable slide is easy to break and leak air, often to repair, outdoor use exposure to the sun is easy to age!
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