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What should be paid attention to in the installation of water park equipment

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With the rapid development of the society, the water entertainment industry is also gradually rising, a variety of manufacturers in order to attract more investors' attention, in the shape of a great effort. Each year, the water park slides add or remove some of the equipment that consumers like, and those that are added. In the installation and use of the equipment must pay attention to whether it is reasonable here, whether it will affect the layout of the whole water park, can not be excessively casual or to cater to the preferences of consumers and ignore the overall situation. What should I pay attention to when installing water park equipment?
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1. In the process of installation, it must be noted that sharp edges, sharp corners, burrs and dangerous protrusions must not be allowed in places accessible to tourists. The decorations on amusement equipment must be firmly fixed.

2. The amusement equipment must be marked with warning signs, such as the instructions of the equipment and precautions, so that passengers can see them at a glance and then decide whether they are suitable for the amusement equipment.

3. Safety fence or other effective isolation facilities shall be set around amusement facilities and on platforms 500mm above the ground. The outdoor safety fence height shall be no less than 1100mm, and the indoor safety fence height shall be no less than 650mm for children's entertainment.

4. Standardized and standardized operation guidance; supervised all work and details of equipment installation in line with industry standardization and national regulations; guided operators to implement safety management of construction and equipment installation to reduce accident safety.

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